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Aze Aze

Hi, is someone here able to make Estlcam 8 work on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS? Without using a Virtual Machine please (otherwise I have DualBoot, but it’s really boring to switch from an OS to another).
I tried this: and it wants to work, but Estlcam doesn’t find 3 files (werzeug***.dat and 2 other .dat) and doesn’t want to open.
Otherwise, i’ve got an old slow netbook with windows XP to play with it, but my screen is small and Estlcam has too big icons! I can’t see the ‘stamp’ icon at all, and just part of the last icons :=/ I tried everything to fool Windows to have the whole screen (resolution, extra softwares to make a ‘bigger desktop’, but didn’t find a solution. the icons are too big (and I’m sure people use old computers with small screen fot their CNC, and icons take one quarter of the screen….Christian, if you read me…)

I tried jscut and markercam to find an alternativ solution, but they only open .svg and just do 2.5D. Not perfect so….
I did not try Bcnc, but it seems very limited in CAM (I may be wrong) and they claimed to be “small screen friendly’, so I guess it’s a common issue in the CNC ‘old computer’ world ;=)

Has someone some ideas?

[edit] I tried Blendercam too: as a newbie in Linux, took me hours to install, and as a newbie in Blender: I was unable to understand anything!! But on video, it looks great. But no tutorials for total beginners, etc…very hard to understand.