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Drew Rogge

I’ve been doing a bit with my MPCNC and Octoprint. The biggest problem I had is that Octoprint/Marlin gets very unhappy if the gcode file has sequence numbers, i.e. N01, N02. Had to remove them it get the combination to work.

One nice thing about Pronterface is that it converts stuff that you type in to its “terminal” area to uppercase. Octoprint only does this for the starting G/N/T code on the line. Things like g0 x0y0 turn into G0 x0 y0 and Marlin doesn’t recognize the x or y parameter. I’ve managed to change Octoprint so it converts every thing typed in but that may break things like M117 and M28 entered in the terminal. Marlin could definitely use a better gcode parser.