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Dave Gun

Drew and Jeff, thanks for the info on Octoprint. I didn’t get that from what I read. I found Octoprint last after I set up Pronterface so I may not have looked hard enough. I also had some issues with Pronterface not liking the G-Code I was loading. It doesn’t recognize leading zeros, like G00 that was generated by Estlcam. I found settings in Estlcam to change this so I don’t need to edit the code it generates.

I like VNC just because I can do anything remotely. I have another Pi controlling a home automation project that I access with VNC. Once it’s set up, I don’t need a mouse keyboard or monitor, I just open it from my main PC.

I will test this more and let everyone know how it works. Next I will move to my shop. And I also want to try it outside in my garage where the WiFi is not so reliable. My fear when I’m in the garage is I will be in the middle of a project, someone drives into the driveway and blocks the WiFi, and the CNC crashes šŸ™‚ I think this set up will not be a problem.