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I think any Marlin 3D printer will work about the same with OctoPrint, so I’m guessing there’s not that much to talk about, but I’m really interested in hearing what people have done with it and what problems they’ve had as just a CNC machine.

1) Are there sets of gcode commands that don’t make sense for a printer and do for CNC?
– Maybe I should make a plugin that adds those buttons to the control screen, or makes a new CNC tab?
– You can add “Commands” and scripts that are gcode so that there’s a menu option for “set 0,0,0”, instead of typing it.

2) Are there gcode commands that only get used by CNC gcode, and not printers? Do they cause problems with OctoPrint?
– Are there files that people can print from the SD card, or repetier host, or some other interface to Marlin, but don’t work with OctoPrint?

I’m not planning on using the slicer in OctoPrint, obviously, but I will want to use the camera, including timelapses, movement controls, and the gcode terminal. The gcode viewer would be really nice, but I’d have to look hard to see if there’s a way to get that to at least sort of work.

I’ve seen a 4 year old fork of the project, and I should look to see what they did different. AFAIK, they were just removing stuff that was temperature related. But I don’t want to start with a 2 year old branch.