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I personally would NOT invest in injection molding parts because they are going to grow over time and change. For instance, as 3d printers evolve in to different planes, or resin because better, or we can all printer steel cheaply etc, then your entire process will change. Stay small, stay nimble, adapt to where the market goes and try to be proactive.
I work for a startup enterprise storage (IT) company and we need to be 1-2 steps ahead of the market to anticipate where our products need to be etc.
DONT sit back and expect to keep selling the same product for a year, or 2 or more. You are doing the right thing by looking at V2. Look beyond V2 to V5.
Look at extruded rails, etc like the X carve. I know that adds price, but let us deal with that. Make it an option. If i had the option to build my own MPCNC with those rails and a different system I would. There are a LOT of hobbyists like me who do this for FUN, not for profit, and quite frankly the money doesnt matter.
Id have paid double for your kit if the value was there (and it largely is). Offer a V2 for 2x cost or 3x with options etc.

Congrats on the success so far, keep it up.