Reply To: Up and running!



Okay. Quick update.

I had not spent nearly as much time rebuilding my MPCNC as I would have liked, Full time work, Uni study, a budding small business and kids have left me with very little time to indulge in hobbies.

I have made progress though. I have successfully reprinted the parts and assembled the Middle assembly. Taulman Tech-G is proving a great material. I’ve settled on printing everything with 2 perimeters, 2 top/bottom solid layers, and 35% honeycomb infill (with a 0.4mm nozzle). I experimented and found this to be more than adequate for strong, rigid parts, higher numbers of perimeters/solid layers and infill ultimately made very little difference to rigidity, and consumed much more filament per part.

The only part I printed differently was the stepper mounts. These IMO are the most critical parts in the machine in terms of rigidity. These instead were printed in Taulman N-Vent with 3 perimeters, 3 top/bottom solid layers and 70% infill. N-Vent is a very interesting material. Its far more rigid than PETG, much closer to Poly-carbonate (if anyone has played around with Polymaker PC Plus?) but much less brittle. Honestly it is the best filament I have ever used!! Period.

The only downside I can find is the price. It’s about 4x the price of PETG and almost 2x the price of Poly-carbonate. But if I could afford it, I’d print everything in this. It prints beautifully, it’s very strong, and it looks absolutely gorgeous. Its so pretty in fact that I had to do a quick vid, because pictures don’t do it justice (nor does my poor quality phone video either for that matter).

I hope to have the MPCNC Mark II up and running over the next fortnight, I actually need it to complete a (paying) job that I have taken on. I now have a small 3d printing/rapid prototyping business that is slowly growing.

I have to send out another quick thanks to Ryan for sharing this awesome design. It was the last piece in the puzzle, so to speak, in getting my business off the ground. I won’t be able to quit work any time soon, but it is a start, and falls in line with the study I am doing (engineering) and the trade I currently work in (automotive drag/circuit cars).

Again Ryan. Kudos.