Reply To: Jeffeb3's build



Well, I decided to not decide on the size. I am really hoping to be able to cut some actual 3/4″ plywood at some large sizes (I would love so much to make a tool cabinet completely out of ply and mdf), so I’m having a hard time giving up on a 24×36 size build area. I could probably get by with 24×30, or realistically, even a lot smaller. I decided I can always cut smaller later, and more importantly, I don’t know how bad large is until I actually try it, so I’m going big. The only problem is that I don’t have a table that large for it, so I’ll have to build one, at least temporarily. I’m actually going to try to get it moving a bit before attaching it to a table (without using the spindle). I might just cut a 3’x4′ sheet of ply to attach it to so it’s square, although it’s really close to square on it’s own.

After I was laying out the parts for this picture, I realized I didn’t put the end stop brackets on, oops.