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Oh yeah, markings.

The kit drivers:

Compared to the pick at pololu:

The R100 are the 0.1Ohm. So that’s the same on both. The rest of the board isn’t laid out quite the same, but the pololu one has a “01C”(10kOhm) and a “12B”(1.3kOhm). The kit ones have a “152”(1.5kOhm) and a “103”(10kOhm), but in the opposite locations. I think these are the same, with just a different layout. So I’m not sure why I’m measuring a different ratio of Vref to Ichop. I’m half tempted to buy one from Pololu, and see if theirs does what it says. BTW, this site is cool:

So it’s still a mystery, and I’ll leave it at 0.7V until I see a problem.