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I don’t think that’s right, with it set like that your would be able to fry an egg on your steppers. Setting it to .8v on the dual axis and the steppers are warm. You turn it up to 1V and they are pretty hot. At least last time I checked. I spent a full month at the beginning trying to squeeze all the power out of the 42oz/in steppers we had then. Pretty sure the resistor comes into play in that formula somewhere.

The 1.7 amps you are using is also for a lower voltage, That is why I always show the wattage conversion. The steppers I sell are 1.5A at 4.2v, much lower amperage at 12V, .525A that seems pretty solid because I have never turned vref past 1.1v.

I’ll try turning it up to 1v again and see if these are the steppers that get hot. Pretty sure they are. I had them on overdrive for the 4 head printer. I’m all for real world testing, you guys figure out the numbers I’ll try not to burn down the house.