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Aze Aze

I’m using my MPCNC since one/two weeks now and I’m starting to understand all the issues I’ve read on the forum (it’s not so strong, I have to mill very slowly. There’s wear on the 25mm pipes, the upper axe, X or Y for you, have more ‘play’ is less impressive than the other because theres more flex on it, etc). I think I’ll print the CamarO add-on first, and I already printed some feet reinforcement (see picture). Sometimes my Z threaded rod goes away from the 5mm/8mm rigid coupler, too. I need to make a coupler with 2 8mm nuts insert inside like the ‘Z adjust knob’ (but it’s a lot of work for this one…). Maybe just some glue will be enough….

For a new version, I saw 2 ‘strong low cost’ CNC with good ideas on internet. Both uses U-groove steel bearing on hard rods (but theses bearing cost 7€ each, and 3.50€ from China) . First one use (motedis) system and claims to be a lot more stronger than all V-slot CNCs:
the second one looks event more stronger (steel frame!) and use glued rods on profile! :
The first one talk about the ‘glue option’ in an article, too (directly gluying on 2020 aluminium profile, in the slot).

I like them both, and I like the triad idea too, because common steel pipes are not so expensive, and really stiff and 608 are cheap and stiff. I like the idea of using hardened rods, because it’s really cheap now. I like the glue option (because glue is strong and easy to use).

If we combine all together, we can have something close to the MPCNC first idea (3 x 20mm or 16mm cheap pipes + 3 x 6mm hardened rods, like in the picture), see picture. Glue is just an option, but it will improve the stiffness for few money.
The hard part is to design everything to make it standard and international. I’m still guessing on how to make ‘milled’ parts instead of printed parts (it’s so loooong to print them, and it’s not so strong). But at least, with your skill, there’s a way to adjust your first design to make it possible.

It’s just some new ideas, I may be wrong with all I said, but if it can help to think about new ideas….