Reply To: Jeffeb3's build



It’s alive!

I wired everything with removable connections, but I ran out of small heat shrink, so I couldn’t make the extensions that I needed to go the full size of the machine. So I’m working in a small corner, for now. I’ve got a friend coming over with heat shrink this afternoon, so I should probably start making the table for it…

It’s not moving as smooth as I’d like, but I think it might be the texture on the conduit. Hopefully it will get better.

The Z axis is really cool. I couldn’t grab the coupler with pliers, so I did this when I threaded the screw into it, I just used a flathead screwdriver to hold the coupler.

I’m moving things around with the LCD screen, and I’ve had the z axis quit working twice now. It didn’t sound like it was struggling or anything. It just stopped moving. The position on the screen was still changing, so I think the arduino thought it was still stepping, but the axis wasn’t moving at all. I reset the arduino, and that didn’t fix it, but unplugging the whole thing and plugging it back in got it working again. As far as I can tell, it’s moving very smoothly, I can easily rotate it with the Z adjust screw by hand when the steppers are off.

My progress is probably going to slow down a bit, because I need to focus on the stand, and print the feet, etc. I might reprint the X, Y motor holders in PETG too, because I just got some PETG.