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another thing. either you (ryan) or the community needs to device a method of toolhead changes as well for this printer.
The ability for me to swap toolheads , with different nozzles , etc on the taz is REMARKABLE. i cant say how nice that is.
What would be REALLY cool is to devise a system by which we can screw on (taz comes off with 1 m3 screw) a pen tool, a laser tool, etc.
I think that can all come in time, but removeable toolheads are a must on any printer i own now.

also, and if youve never trusted a word ive said before, Trust this. Devise a system for Auto Bed Leveling. . This is the single best feature ANY printer can offer. its fairly easy to devise ( i did it on my makerfarm) and to never have to worry about leveling, is maybe the best thing in the history of mankind (outside of the microwave, internet or ATMs)

i will be a guinea pig on this machine ryan. count me in day 1 build (ive built 4 other printers + you MPCNC)