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Aze Aze

Sure, MPCNC was my way to go in the world of CNC without any knowledge, and thanks to you, I’m now able to understand (a minimum of) the whole process and I’m already thinking about making a more ‘expensive’ one to sell some products. And I totally agree with you with “slow is 1000 times better than nothing”. Actually, it’s more the precision which is anoying me. For Laser or 3D printing, it’s enough, but for milling, I’ve almost 1mm of error on 1 axe (0.5mm on the other). But if I’m alone in this case, I might have something wrong. Still searching….

And in fact, I just shared some ideas I saw on internet, maybe not for a MPCNC 2, but for a ‘more robust CNC made with a MPCNC’, now than I can mill ;=) trying to lower the cost before choosing the easy way of V-Slot kits.