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that sucks you guys have had bad experiences with auto bed leveling. its like anything else on a 3d printer, it takes a little work to get it right..
Also some printers have better systems than others.
The one i put on my makerfarm prusa printer was flawless.
There are a lot of factors on how easily a printer is to get off level once its configured. I use PEI as my print surface, which if done correctly makes your prints adhere like CRAZY….IN that case you have to work to get parts off sometimes, and sometimes losing level a bit.
Or in the case of the taz 5 i have. I have 2 extruders, each are slightly different nozzle heights, it takes some work in S3D and on the bed each time i swap to make sure they are perfect. Its in inexact science, but ill never own a printer again with ABL.
My Gcreate that is due this week or next JUST got it finished as an option, so its shipping on my printer 🙂

I am excited to build your printer ryan. I am going to make some serious mods to it, as I have an idea for a commercially viable printer. What better place to start than building one from my MPCNC 🙂