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Lots of people have asked, once they get a little further they realize how little I make. Every single one backed out. That is before we even got into what they would be willing to send my way. You all see the cost of the parts, it’s more about the time that goes into it. Bagging hardware prepping the boards, bulk shipping from china isn’t free, so my prices are actually the same or more than some of you got from aliexpress. I am really charging for time and taxes at this point. Walking a fine line of, is it worth it?

I might stop selling the arduinos separately as well. Those have a high rate of failure and take the most time to prep. $50 is not worth it at all. Only available in the kit I think.

There really isn’t much in it, That is why I have to raise the prices soon. Taxes took 25% of the profit plus the accountant fees, so that’s probably what I will need to raise and compensate for.

oops/rampling, wrong thread for this.