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I would get in touch with Ebay and let them take down this guy’s auction. I am a top rated ebay seller, and we have to deal with clones and fakes all of the time in our business. eBay is usually very responsive to things like this. I recommend calling them instead of emailing.

I think that you have inspired a lot of people and that there will be some that try to profit from it. I think that the community will support you Just take care of your customers and be the best you can be, and it will pay off.

For example, I could have purchased all of my CNC items from China and probably even saved some, but I want to support your business and what you do, that’s why I purchased from you, others will do the same…… MPCNC is your baby. And wouldn’t exist without you. Don’t let this ebay seller get on your nerves too much—-just get ebay involved and know that your customers support Vicious Circle, and that is where the beauty of your hard work will really pay off.