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I don’t think you’re being petty. I would be really annoyed too. He isn’t even nice about it, instead he actually is rude by saying that there are lots of shortcomings etc. If that’s the case, he should contribute by posting his ‘ so called fixes’ . Which is apparently just a bunch of bull since it’s actually just a pretty standard built from what i can see. He even used mdf as feet….I wouldn’t really call that an upgrade.

I hope eBay fixes this. I think most people here understand that you don’t make money from this if you take into account all the time and effort you put in. People here try to help each other creating a better machine together. And i think that is really what you want. So yes, I would have a problem with this too. GL

Oh btw. My machine is up and running and I will post pictures of it soon, but I don’t have a Z axis right now. I was curious about how strong carbon fiber was, so I ordered some 25mm (23mm id) carbon fiber tubing to use for the Z axis. (Just as an experiment. It wasn’t even that expensive…)