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People who are new hate bed levelling, but it’s often because they are trying to level a bed that can’t be leveled. Either the bed is warped, or (on a prusa style) the two Z motors are at different heights, or the whole frame is racked.

Now that I know what I’m doing (sort of) with my printer, I was able to print most of the MPCNC without leveling again, so autotramming or autoleveling would have just been another area for mistakes to creep into my prints.

What I would like, and I think new people would like is:
1) A solid frame, which I got when I added the wanhao Z braces. This printer looks like it has some good support, and would stay square, so that’s good
2) A good way to either keep the Z motors from moving when the steppers are disabled, or an easy way to get them “blueprinted” again after a bump. I have two pieces of plastic I printed that I use to ensure they are at the same height. Building something like that into the frame, and make it a cinch would really make a difference for me.
3) Adjustable Z stop. Something with a screw. Useful if I go from kapton to blue tape, or no tape, or whatever. Just adjust the whole bed up 0.4mm for the difference, and boom, printing as well as before.

I think something with those three things would mean you could go for a month without adjusting the screws under the bed. I also think it would let you “dial in” a really good level, and not mess with it (I’ve never tried autotramming, but I imagine it could be a PITA if it measures a different value each time, and messes up some prints).