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Filipe Campos

The design of the printer is nice and clean. But.. i must say it, you have designed a prusa?!?
Overall your design is pretty good, you have lots of talent. But in my opinion is was wasted because you have chose to build a prusa model.
Do not get me wrong, in not where to criticize your printer. But the prusa models are for beginners, and there are always a first printer to be replaced with something better. The only reason of is success is because is easy to understand.
Why you have not chose to design a “top” printer that can be build with the help of your mpcnc?

There are betters mechanical designs to chose for a 3D printer, like corexy, hbot or even a delta.
With an mpcnc is possible to build this type of printer, for example check the SmartrapCore ( is a cheap and superior printer that any type of prusa.

The prusa was too many mechanical flaws.
– bed moving on the Y axis, this not allow to print fast and is easy to get artifacts on the print.
– The printer must be small on the Z axis
– not easy to enclosure (very important to print with abs)
– too much unprotected mechanical parts.
– overall they are ugly