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Well I think the speed benefits of the machines you listed are just from the bowden and it’s less moving mass. Which you can’t get with a moving bed, true. Two things about that, I don’t like bowden (stringy, hard on the extruder motor, wastes filament) and I have never successfully printed much faster than 35mm/s without losing strength in the z direction.
With producing parts on 6 printers speed would mean higher profits but on all of my printers layer bonding has not been as strong at high speed, even if I turn up the extrusion temp. Quality over quantity for items I sell. Nice for rapid prototyping not “production”.

I actually love the prusa design, very close to idea in my opinion. Not sure about the artifacts. If I run this one and only get artifacts in the y direction, I will look into it. My other printers have artifacts in the X and Y direction.

I used to use an airwolf and changed out the bowden for a wade’s, parts are on thingiverse. I really didn’t see an advantage to that style. Takes more parts and bearings to build as well.

I don’t print in ABS ever. I much prefer PET it doesn’t seem to have the same need for an enclosure and prints like a dream. Very similar properties, if not preferable to me.

I would love to make another printer. I wasn’t trying to redesign anything I just wanted a better one that was cheaply available. I based this design of the smaller prusa rods so it would be readily available. Makes for an easy project, few parts.

Not a delta fan, they look amazing and are amazing machinery but again, I don’t see an advantage. I also have limited space and rack mount my little print farm.

So in summary. Built as an easily sourced project for my needs. Not trying to out design any of the 1000 printers already saturating the market. As soon as I update the MPCNC I would love to take all the suggestions and build a new printer, but the cnc is my main focus. I need a few more printers for production solves my problem, on to the next.