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I went AWOL for a while but I’m back with some progress!!

I added Camar0’s rigid Z mod which seemed to help things out a bit. With that and shimming my spoil board up with 2×4’s I’m cutting MDF with a .25″ bit at 1000mm/min with 3mm DOC and everything sounds good.

I made my first cuts in aluminum tonight! I was scared but everything went very well. Cut settings in the video description. Looking forward to doing something functional with it tomorrow and maybe trying some metal engraving. I like working with aluminum, the chips are heavy enough to not ruin the air quality in my apartment.
first aluminum cut

Does anyone have any tips or tricks to getting the spindle perfectly square with the spoil board? Mine is definitely off a bit- facing my spoil board resulted in a bunch of small ridges and the bottom of my aluminum test pocket could certainly look better.

One more thing- all my cuts are a tiny bit small. My 20mm aluminum pocket was 19.7mm and my spoil board slots were a bit small as well, I had to file down the nuts. Weird because I did a single slot a while ago and the nuts drop in perfectly.