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Martin S

Well, I’ve been cracking my head to design a belt tension system that can work with the default corner blocks, but it’s hard. So I approached the issue the other way. First, design the belt tensioner and then adapt the corner block to it.
The corner block ended up being a part stiff and easy to print, with a bulky look that I like, but the parts of the tensioner are more tricky to print. The teethes of the clip should match perfectly the timing belt. Also, the belt should be held tight between the walls even without tension applied from the screw.

The army is ready.
Notice the Vicious tribute 😀
Very hard to take good pictures of them, they look better live.

Corner Block with M3 plastic inserts.

It’s a bit hard to put it inside de tensioner. This was the easiest way to do it.

First push the timing belt and then the clip. The idea is that the timing belt ends up as close as possible to the corner block.


I still need to make some diagrams of the assembly and clean the parts a bit. But as soon as they are ok, they will be uploaded to thingiverse with step files if someone wants to mod them.