Ceramic greenware and bisqueware engraving

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    Machine size: 24×30 w/ 5″ z axis
    DW660 spindle (no speed control
    1/8″ 90 degree v bit (2 flute)
    Part number: 2002.1250.090 (from drillman1 on ebay)

    I will add a video next time I cut, but this stuff cuts like butter. I did some text in estlcam.
    Feed was 18 mm/sec,
    4.00mm plunge rate 4.00mm depth per pass (it probably went 1-2mm just whatever the carve function had dictated).

    The greenware made less dust, but the quality of the engraving was better on bisqueware.

    Also did the a mermaid with the same feed/speeds.
    The heart is greenware, the plate is bisqueware. I played with the depth on the greenware piece, so ignore the last two letters 🙂

    Pretty sure it could go much faster or deeper, but that feed was good enough for me.

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    Very unique use of CNC! Is this all slipcast?

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