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    I understand they are a bit of two different beasts but I’ve was curious if the low rider had similar cutting speeds to the MPCNC?

    Also does anyone know if this cuts faster than the Maslow? I want able to easily find the speeds on that.

    Since I didn’t explain what the Maslow is here I go. It’s a draw plotter vertical CNC machine that runs around $500 for all the parts. What’s the total cost on the low rider?

    Thanks for all your help and advice in advance



    I cut a little faster with the LowRider CNC than the mpcnc. It is basically the exact same just the Z Axis is much more rigid because it is very short, allowing for less flex and faster cutting. I have not done any kind of speed test though. The last cuts I did in plastic and it isn’t the best to do speed tests in. I hope to mill a full sheet worth of lowrider parts here pretty soon. I will ramp up the speed on each set until I see issues.

    I am aware of the Maslow but I don’t of the specifics like max speed and such.



    My Low Rider seems more rigid than my MPCNC (I didn’t have the latest version though). I’ve been cutting quite a bit faster (2-3x) with it, and I think it could go faster. I’ve never been interested in going as fast as possible, because I’m more interested in saving materials than parts/hour.

    I haven’t seen the Maslow first hand, but I like the idea. I don’t want to disparage their machine, but the low rider has been a lot of fun. I think you have two good choices on your hand. With either machine, you’re going to have a lot of fun.

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    I second Jeff’s opinion.



    Build one, doesn’t matter which one. Then use the built one to build the other! Can never have enough computer controlled sawdust machines.

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