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    I’m still relatively new to the maker movement, I’m hoping to make my First build for the MPCNC, I’ve been an avid quad-copter flier/builder for almost a year and half and obtained a Printrbot a few months ago. I was playing around the with the idea of getting/building a CNC to cut some quad-copter parts but they always seem out of reach due to the price tag until i came across the MPCNC and I’m definitely going to get my hands dirty with this!

    I’ve already started printing out my parts, but I haven’t ordered the MPCNC Bundle just yet. (waiting on the tax return)

    I was playing with the idea of a 36″x36″ build. I was wondering if someone out there has any suggestions with a 36″x36″ build.



    @make8rpan Welcome to the forums and to the MPCNC – you’re going to have a great time with it. Lots of folks here who can help, too.

    36×36 is a pretty standard build, so I would say you shouldn’t expect any surprises, other than the usual stuff of being new to everything. Is it 36×36 overall, or is that the cut area?

    Like I said, there’s lots of help here, so let us know if you have any problems or questions.

    What do you plan to do with yours? Engrave? Cut? Lase? Print? Everything?



    Awesome, welcome. I have built a few quads, so I can say with confidence this should not be very hard for you. A little different maybe but pretty easy.

    Why 36″x36″? I’m guessing you are mainly in it for CF sheets, is that the standard size available to you? If not smaller is better/faster/stronger/more accurate. 36′ is easy to do just a bit large. If you decide to buy the kit from here you will need extra belt. The kit comes with enough for about 24×24″. There is a calculator linked at the end of this post that might help with these sizing questions.



    I just want to have a little room to possibly cut multiple parts all at once. Also, I wouldn’t mind try tackling different projects and small wooden furniture in the future and I felt like 36″x36″ would be feasible for tinkering with several different things. I was hoping to start with an 3d printing extruder for larger prints along with the mill so I can cut wood, CF, G-10 boards.

    Playing with the calculator now!



    Just ordered the bundle, 3d printer extruder, and control screen from here. Looking forward to the arrival of it. Will head to the hardware store sometime this weekend and start building the table which i think will be 36″x50″ giving me 6 sqft of table space. The plan for now is the machine’s dimensions will be 36″x36″ whereas the work-space will be somewhat 25″x25″. I will be ordering the belts from amazon which I can wait for because my printrbot is still printing out all of the parts.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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