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    I made this mount and shared it on the facebook group its pretty robust with the original back plate on the 25mm kit.

    mckeller mount

    thing on thingiverse

    This is for the mckm28 600w router by Mckeller, which is one I already had and didn’t fancy shelling out for another.

    It has 3 parts, two of which can be printed twice to add more support at the top but honestly I don’t thing it will be necessary.

    If you do use this please bump this thread so I know how many people this has helped out.

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    So reprinted the top rear twice and front one once so now I have two top mounts as I originally designed it to have. Through over tightening the rear bracket piece snapped. The new parts are in black pla since I ran out of the original blue. I actually ran out part way through printing the last of the four legs but managed to manually swap the filament mid print pausing my anet a8 and it worked fine. I upped the speed on the mounts to 150 which was 3 times the 50 it was at for the mckeller mount parts here and my printer appeared to cope. There were more imperfections but liveable for what it needs to do. I had a disaster though when I came to place it back into the centre gantry, the bottom bracket part snapped on the right hand side so that the right bottom rail guard only has three bearings attach now. I tried to glue it back but I think the epoxy I have doesn’t work on PLA. Will just reprint the part but really slow and max fill.

    In other news I am making sure my 3Dprinter and MPCNC has a proper home in the form of a garden office. Took a couple of days off and dug a hole and poured some concrete for the foundations. Here is my dog helping dig and the result so far.




    From what I see on the pictures, you clearly have a major extrusion issue.
    My guess it that your nozzle is partially clogged.

    You should take it apart and clean it, hopefully it will solve your problem.

    Other tip: superglue works perfect to fix broken PLA parts.

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    you may well be right on the extruder. I am just coping with it at the moment since its dialled in right for the autoleveling, I have a e3d hotend clone which I intend to swap in soon and external mosfets to allow the hotbed 24v to heat quicker. And I intend to do a Bowden extruder as well but since its mostly working I’m just making sure I finish all the parts for the mpcnc first. Will try again with super glue too. the stuff I used is good for acrylic but I think it makes the PLA weak. I might have ruined it already with my first botched rescue attempt. Will give it ago but its not a massive hardship to reprint it.

    My printer really needs a bit of tlc but time and apathy when it mostly works is really self defeating.

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    tried super glue (cheap knockoff) didnt work, going to print slow tonight, i have 40mm/s and higher infill dialed in so hopefully i will have a stronger piece this time. dont really want to tear down my anet a8 printer just yet to clean it up. I have a replacement nozzle i can use maybe i should do that at the least.

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