Milling/printing on a curved surface??? Scorchworks G-Code Ripper

New Home Forum Software Development Milling/printing on a curved surface??? Scorchworks G-Code Ripper

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    That is pretty cool!



    I’m not sure if this will be possible with the current setup, as it only supports LinuxCNC and MACH3.

    Any thoughts?



    From what I understand it manipulates pre-made GCode so you could use it on a know surface like a pipe for a small partial round cut. Make your G code with estlcam and have this wrap it around a pipe, I think.

    The auto probe I haven’t looked at yet. Should be easy enough with a z continuity probe.

    I didn’t see those software requirements anywhere.



    I messaged Scorch to get more info on implementing this into our machines. Here’s the reply:


    Yes you can provide your own probe data file to g-code ripper.

    The file format for LinuxCNC probe data is a space delimited file with each line describing one probe point. In the LinuxCNC data fie there are 9 values for each data point. The only values that G-Code Ripper uses are the first three (x,y,z) values. You don’t need to include the extra values in the mock data file G-Code Ripper doesn’t need them.

    Mach3 uses comma delimited files. Again only the first three values in a line are read by G-Code Ripper.

    I tried to code the data file reading pretty liberally so you can have space, tab or comma delimited data (multiple spaces or tabs between the values shouldn’t hurt anything). G-Code Ripper will automatically determine which type of file you are using.

    I attached a sample LinuxCNC probe data file for reference. The order of the points should not matter as long as they all fall on a uniform grid.

    Additionally there are people that are able to get probing to work with Shapeoko CNC machines. They are GRBL based it sounds like you are using an Arduino based board so (I am guessing) you might be able to switch to their firmware. Here is a link to a guy that wrote some code for the Shapeoko running GRBL

    Good Luck,


    1. probe_points.txt
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