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    so im fixing my printer up and getting ready to print today and im getting the endstops ready.

    i dont have a problem with the x and y axis endstops, mostly my question is about the z axis.

    when setting up the z axis endstop. do i have the nozzle on the bed or offset to like lets say 0.2 to start its extrusion or is there a different way to set it up?

    and what would i need to change in the firmware or software (repeiter host) for using the endstops and setting it up for (0,0,0)

    thanks for the help.

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    get a cardstock, put it in the bed and the nozzle should be on top of the cardstock You should have enough friction when you move your cardstock from the bed (check some YouTube videos) then adjust your Z axis screw accordingly. In Repetier, send G28 (or AutoHome in your LCD). Ryan’s firmware for MP3DP should be setup with endstops and autohome to 0,0,0

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    It’s the other way. Z should nozzle just touching the bed. The first move in a sliced file is pick up the nozzle the height of the first layer.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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