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    OK, I know. I know. There’s detail here on which spindle to use. I just thought I’d get a specific comparison down.

    I saw this make, with the quiet spindle, and I think it looks great: http://www.thingiverse.com/make:202266 Granted, most of the reasons it looks great is because of an attention to detail that will always escape me, but it’s using this quiet spindle: https://www.inventables.com/technologies/quiet-cut-spindle . But Ryan likes the DeWalt, so I’m trying to compare the two.

    Quiet spindle:
    – Expensive, $80 + $35 speed control + $35 24V power supply = $150.
    – Quiet?
    – Possibly under powered for aluminum milling? OK for acrylic, wood, etc, eh?
    – 1/8″ collet, and 1/4″ with $7 more in parts or so.
    – Mounting seems rock solid, because it’s not meant for your hand.
    – Electronics need an enclosure, but I already need one for the ramps board.

    – Strong, 600W
    – Noisy. How much does the franken-speedo improve the noise?
    – Cheap, $60!
    – Seems common, so there’s plenty of advice available.
    – 1/4″ collet. I saw a 1/8″ collet adaptor on inventables too: https://www.inventables.com/technologies/collet-adapter $5

    I’m planning on keeping this in my garage, and I have a wife and a kid, so quiet could be pretty nice. I don’t want to hurt the son’s ears, and I don’t want to be super limited on when I can play, because I don’t have a ton of free time. Also, I’m going to admit this, on the Internet, I’ve had a poor track record with decisions when around really noisy spinning blades of death. Is that just me? That said, I probably won’t be able to run even the quiet spindle in the middle of the night…

    I am leaning towards the DeWalt, with the option of upgrading later. Maybe I should just build one with the common part/BOM, get most of the excitement out of the way, and decide if I want to make another, smaller one for precision laser and PCB work, or a larger one to make entire houses. I’d rather spend a spare $100 on a freakin’ laser beam, I guess.

    Anything I’m missing?



    I believe the desalt dw660 comes with 1/4 and 1/8 collet if I am not mistaken.



    You are correct sir. I didn’t notice that.



    The other spindles are really nice. I’m just always compelled to save the money. I am constantly trying to get my venders to get me a good price on those things in bulk. It’s shipping them here that is expensive, big and



    It seems like you got cut off mid sentence 🙂

    Any feedback on how much the franken speedo you made reduces the noise?

    The more I think about it, the more I think I’m going to go with the DeWalt, and see how it goes. $60 isn’t a huge mistake to make on the way to buying something that’s $150. Plus, I’ll have a backup, and get my feet wet seeing what’s really possible.



    Sorry, must have been too much coffee or I got distracted by something shiny.

    The speed control helps a tiny bit, but I pretty much just use it to run at about 80%. The shop vac I think it probably the loudest thing I have running not the dewalt.



    I found a video recently that put me off those quiet cut spindles. Seems to be a bit of an issue with runout due to how they’re made.
    Here’s the video

    I’m hoping to start out with a Bosch 300W router that I have here and see how that goes. I’ll probably upgrade to something like the DeWalt after I see how that goes.
    The DW660 isn’t common over there but I might import 1 and use it with a transformer or maybe get a Kress.



    That video was really interesting. I’m not sure I have as high requirements as that guy, but I can see how having those plastic parts wear out could really make you pull out your hair a few months down the road. They definitely don’t seem like the “silver bullet” that I once thought they were.

    I’m not sure what he would say about the DeWalt either though. My guess is that there are a lot of ways to mount the DeWalt to have a similar amount of play. Who knows, maybe the DeWalt is doing a bunch of similar things to keep costs down.

    I actually own a Porter Cable 6902 router, which is 10A, so does that make it 1200W? That’d be too big for the MPCNC, right? It’s physically large, 3.5″ dia. 7.5 lb. 1/2″ or 1/4″ collets. Definitely loud.



    I found another video where this guy was considering the DeWalt, and got a free quiet spindle from Inventables.

    TL;DR He thinks it’s worth the money… But I’m sure he’s not biased…


    Dave C.

    HHMMM!! Interesting videos. I was considering the Quiet Spindle as an eventual upgrade but now I am thinking twice about it.

    Thanks for posting.



    Same for me, I was dead set on getting one of those until I saw the teardown. There are other spindles available on Aliexpress and Ebay that hopefully are better though.
    I’ve seen brushed and brushless ones on there in various wattages but I’m slow to try one as there’s not much info on them.

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