Unable to properly calibrate Z axis

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    Brad Payne

    I am using Estlecam with my MPCNC and I have calibrated my X and Y directions, however, I can not get Z into calibration. When I move 1″ in Estlcam, my z axis moves about 5/8″.

    I have tried adjusting my “Distance Per revolution” but my calculations (I dont have them in front of me) require me to set the Distance per revolution so small that I get an error about the frequency being over 160hz.

    Has anyone else had this issue and have a way around it? I’m using 5/16″-18tpi rod for my Z axis.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.. I’m so close and I can’t wait to cut!



    Have a look in the estlcam thread I believe I have the settings in the second post, we have to go less than 32nd stepping to stay under the limit. You need to remove jumpers.


    Brad Payne

    Geez. If it were a snake it would have bit me.. I never noticed the software forum at the bottom.. Thanks!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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