• My whole machine is PETG…well almost.  I’m still on the pre-525 parts and the Z adjust knob is PLA 🙂  (I actually printed the whole machine in PLA first – but worried it gets too hot in my shop and one of the rolls of PLA was brittle so redid everything in PETG.)

    I have done most of my tool mounts in PLA though for extra stiffness.  I’m us…[Read more]

  • I actually use glue for a lot of things.  When I cut things like Quadcopter frames or 3D skeleton puzzles I hate having to leave tabs to hold pieces in place.   They can be a real pain to leave and I always seem to mess up my Z and either accidentally cut through the tabs or leave them so tall they’re a pain to get pieces loose.

    I’ve also had is…[Read more]

  • I’ve had some issues when using “G92 X0 Y0 Z0″ to zero my machine instead of resetting the RAMPS.  I don’t like resetting to zero since that lets the steppers power down and risks allowing the machine to shift out of square (and my particular machine with the original Z parts and a slightly wonky roller on a 36″x 48” frame really likes to shift…[Read more]

  • Multiple entries allowed?  I’d like to put together a “nice” entry but not sure I’ll have time before the deadline.  But I’ve got a good bit of video I’ve recorded while cutting my wooden quad thing which I could toss together as a “better than nothing” entry.  Just don’t want to block myself from doing a better entry if I can find time 😉

  • So resurrecting this because I’ve been wanting to do something kind of similar.  I run my MPCNC untethered entirely off the LCD controller – and I’ve updated the LCD menus to give myself some new/different commands and shortcuts for things I find I need often.

    But I’m really disliking using the LCD for most of this.  The encoder on mine is r…[Read more]

  • I have been thinking about trying something like that…but I’d probably just use the foam as a form and then dissolve it out leaving just the fiberglass skin.

    Now that the weather is getting nicer and I can work outside that kind of thing is becoming possible again.  In the summer I didn’t want to be cramped up in my little shop with the fumes…[Read more]

  • Yeah, weeks like this…I can do without 🙂

    I enjoy the testing/experimenting.  I’ve been building quads for almost 4 years now and am fairly involved in the dRonin firmware project.  I’m constantly looking for new/different ways to build them.

    I’ve used wood, aluminum, various plastics, CF, G10, CF/G10 composite, CF/Birch composite…and in o…[Read more]

  • So…haven’t had much time to work on this this week.  Brakes on my truck failed on my way home on Tuesday – thankfully they held enough pressure for me to make it home without hitting anything…but we were down to one vehicle on week with lots of after school things for my daughter and meetings for me and my wife.  So I wound up having to ride m…[Read more]

  • Outstanding stuff!  (Just saw Ryan’s post on the homepage…wondering how I missed this until now!)

    As for a brush…have you heard of a “fude nib” pen?  I recently discovered them and have been having a bunch of fun doodling with one.  They look like a fountain pen that was dropped on the ground – but the tip is bent like that on purpose so it…[Read more]

  • I feel the same way.  My one “complaint” about Estlcam is that it’s such a simple interface it’s not always obvious that you can do something until you learn it – then you kick yourself for not realizing it sooner 😀

    I recently upgraded from 9 to 10 and was excited to see that it had added a workspace outline – then went back and looked at…[Read more]

  • Jason replied to the topic Another Quadcopter in the forum Things You Have Made 1 month ago

    Could be done that way…but it’s heavy enough already so I don’t really want to add more parts.  I’ll probably try lexan since it’s fairly cheap and I can actually get it locally.  But…it’s also heavier and I know from past experience it doesn’t hold up very well to my abuse either.  It should look cool at least 😀


  • Jason replied to the topic Another Quadcopter in the forum Things You Have Made 1 month ago

    Well, I would suggest something better than cheap 5mm luan for the material:

    To be fair I was wrong about doubting the PLA standoffs – they held up just fine.  Also this is after purposefully flying it into several trees to see how it would react (bounces off) and bouncing it off the ground a few times (Like a hard landing only faster).  But a…[Read more]

  • Jason replied to the topic Another Quadcopter in the forum Things You Have Made 1 month ago

    In my excitement of finally getting the lower plate to cut cleanly I didn’t remember to get any photos.  I just ripped it off the bed, sanded it down a bit and sprayed on some varnish.

    Then recut the top plate with the design changes.  I made a small mistake here – can you spot it?  Entirely my fault.  My daughter found the problem quicker tha…[Read more]

  • Jason replied to the topic Another Quadcopter in the forum Things You Have Made 1 month ago

    Ok, the easy part!  Let’s cut the bottom plate!  Um…no, not so easy.  I’ve been using painters tape and super glue to hold my work down.  On smaller things this has been wonderful.  But on 13″ square stock with a warp to it even with kicker super glue just didn’t hold well enough.  The work had lifted slightly cutting the top plate but it was s…[Read more]

  • Not sure what to call this one.  My working title was “fakeowl” since I had in mind something like the FlexRC owl but wanted to size it for 5″ props.  I had seen something like that before but couldn’t remember where or what it was called.  After I started drawing it and talking about it on the flitetest.com forums the guy who had the owl that ins…[Read more]

  • I’d add myfordboy to that list as well.  (that’s “myford” as in the UK company that made his lathe not “My Ford” as in the US auto manufacturer.)  Lots of metal casting and miniature motors.  He just got a small CNC mill and 3D printer and is having some fun with them as well now.





  • Look forward to testing this out once I dig out some more endstops.

    I wouldn’t hold my breath on it merging anytime too soon though – I’ve been following Marlin development for a few months (since just before the V1 release) and it’s and bit disorganized.   They’re really bad about freezing things and then adding new features into release…[Read more]

  • Somehow I suspect if I actually start printing the 525 parts that will change 😀  You’ll get some sudden epiphany in the shower or something and before I can finish you’ll turn those sketches into a new “pro” design 😉

    I guess for the good of everyone I should get printing to make that happen!

  • I’ve been enjoying following this – wish I had time to tackle a similar design myself!  I really like the little things that make it cheap/easy to source parts.  Like instead of smooth rods for the Z axis using long smooth shank bolts as the guide rods.

    I did start sketching up some ideas for an axidraw style foam cutter like I had m…[Read more]

  • I run pretty “outdated” hardware.  My MPCNC uses a RAMPS/Marlin for control with the graphical LCD so I just load my gcode to SD and run it from there.  I have a computer near it but it’s far enough a USB cable won’t quite reach so I actually have to disconnect the RAMPS and bring it over manually for flashing – which is a big part of why I’m s…[Read more]

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