Back in stock!

The Ultimachine Mini-Rambo Boards are now live in the Shop, as well as an option for the bundles. Here!

The two main reasons for carrying this board is it is extremely high quality and it was built as the refined Ramps 1.4 board we currently use. Meaning it is a more reliable board and it has been designed with more robust safety features built in (harder to destroy these boards by accident). Hopefully this will result in a more pleasant user experience for the newcomers to electronics. These boards are using trusted high quality components and assembled in the US. Johnny R from Ultimachine designed all the Ramps series of boards and this was the next generation from him and his team.  There are many improved features including properly implemented drivers with more efficient heat transfer, replaceable fuses, isolated USB, and a second fan port.

The board is more expensive than the current ramps boards for me but have no assembly required and I am expecting a non existent failure rate. These two factors mean I can have a much lower markup on them than the ramps. These boards also have the driver current that is set in the firmware meaning much less setup and testing time for me as well, again lower the need for a steep markup.

The downside as compared to the ramps 1.4 the Mini-Rambo has one less extruder driver, meaning no dual extruders with this board, but if it is a big deal I can order some Rambo full sized boards.

There is much more information available from the following links.