Parts -updating-

Printed Parts


5/25/16 – New middle and Z-Axis assemblies

4/24/16 – New corner assembly

Recommended; PLA for dimension accuracy, 3 perimeters for through hole strength. I have a .4mm nozzle and print at .26mm layer height, just personal preference. I do print slow for strength, so your prints could be faster.

23.5 Link
25mm (IE) Link
Total time
Grams Per Part
Total grams
2 Bottom_Corner 55% Link Link 2:35 5:10 34.7 69.4
2 BottomM_Corner 55% Link Link 2:35 5:10 34.7 69.4
2 Lock_Corner 55% Link Link 1:28 2:56 20.8 41.7
2 LockM_Corner 55% Link Link 1:28 2:56 20.8 41.7
2 Top_Corner 55% Link Link 2:06 4:12 32.9 66.1
2 TopM_Corner 55% Link Link 2:06 4:12 32.9 66.1
4 Spacer_Corner 70% Link Link :15 1:05 4.17 16.6
4 Foot Bottom 60% Link Link 2:20 9:20 31.8 127.1
4 Roller F 55% Link Link  6:26 25:44 89.6 363
4 Roller Lock 70% Link Link  1:54 7:36 20.8 83
4 Roller Motor Mount 70% Link Link  1:54 5:36 29.6 117
 2  XY  55% Link Link
 2 XYZ  55% Link Link
 1 Nut Lock  55% Link Link
 1  Spacer  55% Link Link
 2 Nut Trap  55% Link Link
 1 Tool Mount  55% Link Link
 1  Z-Lower  55% Link Link
 1  Z-Motor  55% Link Link
 1  Pineapple coupler  55% Link Link
 Total  Total
Electronics/Motion Parts

Recommended electronics, you have a lot of options. I chose these specific parts for price vs. performance.

Some of these are affiliate links, you can buy from these links or just use them for information. In case you didn’t know amazon prime is free for students, and here is free 30 day trial for non students.

 1  Ramps 1.4 Shield
 1  Arduino Mega 2560
 3  DRV8825 Drivers + Heat Sinks Shop
1 12v 5A power supply
1 GT2 belt (4M = 24″x24″), Or Shop
4 GT2 16T Pulley Shop
53 608 Bearings (2-RS, Z, ZZ) Shop
≅18ft Conduit 3/4″ emt (23.5mm OD, IE version 25mm OD) info, info
5 Nema 17 Steppers
1 Resistor 100 ohm
≅15ft Stranded Shielded 4 Wire (or harness) Shop
4 DuPont connectors (or harness) Shop
≥20 Zip Ties
Spindle Options
Best option
1 Dewalt 660
Second Choice
What ever is available locally



Hardware needed.

1 5/16-18 Threaded Rod M8
1  5/16-18 X 5 M8 X 125
 12  5/16-18 X 2.5 M8 X 70
 2  5/16-18 X 1.5 M8 X 40
28  5/16-18 X 1.25 M8 X 30
 8 5/16 Fender Washers M8
 8  Speed washers  or SAE M8
 43  5/16-18 Nylock Nuts M8
 1  5/16 x 7/8 coupling nut M8 X 25
 19 M3 X 10 M3 X 10
57 #6-32 X.75 M3.5 X 20
57 #6-32 Nylock nuts M3.5



  1. September 12, 2015    
    • September 12, 2015    

      That looks right

  2. Dean Dean
    September 27, 2015    

    Can I please confirm print numbers for Middle Z? Above states I need two, however spreadsheet states I need 4.

    Can you please confirm this one for me?


    • September 27, 2015    

      2- better middle Z or 4-of the regular middle Z. I prefer the Better ones.

      What spreadsheet? If I have an old one out there I need to update it or delete it.

  3. Dean Dean
    September 27, 2015    

    Thanks for that, clears it up nicely.

    At the top of this page, you have linked a google docs spreadsheet by GeoDave that shows the different information.


    • September 27, 2015    

      Bummer I guess I’ll take it down now. Sorry for the confusion.

  4. Albert Albert
    October 6, 2015    

    GeoDave’s spreadsheet included belt tighteners under the extras section. Are those recommended?

    • October 6, 2015    

      I only recommend what is on this page. I haven’t looked over his list in a while, sounds like it might have changed.

  5. October 17, 2015    

    you list 6/32 for some screws and nuts. is that the same as #6-32? I can’t find 6/32 on

  6. dtdm dtdm
    October 28, 2015    

    Anyone know where I can source the spring from? (amazon link would be amazing!)

  7. November 1, 2015    

    I see in the kit one kind of power supply and the link above to Amazon is a different style. Is one for the Arduino and one to power the motors?

    • November 1, 2015    

      The link above is the more recent style that I include now. I need to update the bundle picture.

  8. Gears Gears
    November 4, 2015    

    Having a hard time finding the spring anywhere. You know where I can source one by itself, thanks!

    • Gears Gears
      November 4, 2015    

      Nevermind I found it. Thanks haha helps if i read previous posts.

  9. December 7, 2015    

    Sorry for the silliy question, why are some parts in grey text and some blacked in the printed parts section?
    Founder @ Proto Makerspace

    • December 7, 2015    

      Sorry if it adds confusion. It is really just how I print the parts for the kit. Black for black parts, grey for grey parts. Haha sorry. Every once and a whil I do a print screen and use it as a checklist.

      Maybe next year Ill switch up the colors.

      Did a little recon, looks like your makerspace has some non commercial cnc experience. Let me know how everyone feels about the mostly printed when you finish it.

  10. December 23, 2015    

    I’m very first to CNC or 3d printer, and looking for a machine to start with.
    mostly printed is very versatile, expandable and low cost, and your instructions including software are easy to understand.
    so i want buy and build one but printed parts are sold out.
    i dont have a printer to print the parts. actually i want to make a 3d printer.
    do you have a plan to sell the parts again any time soon?

    • December 24, 2015    

      I should have printed parts in a few days. Christmas was insanely busy. I have increased my print farm size to increase production.

      • December 24, 2015    

        thanks for your fast response.
        i have to prepare some kind of a exam.
        so maybe I’ll buy your product about 3 months later.
        i hope the parts would be available at that time.

        ps. i have no experience so i dont know the exact situation. but if orders for printed parts were so big to increase your print farm, how about more efficient mass production methods? in the description you wrote, printing time is quite long. maybe casting could shorten the production time.

        • December 24, 2015    

          Parts will be ready in a couple of days. If I spend lots of money buying molds and things, the price will go up a lot in the beginning. These parts were also designed with 3D printing as the manufacturing process, mass production would require a redesign. We have talked about these things in the forums before.

          For now I think most are happy with the price and only waiting a few days. I had plenty of parts before the Christmas rush.

          • December 24, 2015    

            OK. I’m also happy with the low cost of your product.
            I’m appreciate your lots of work on designing this and offering this at this reasonable price. i think you are taking almost no margin. i will buy a full set of products when i have time on my side.

  11. December 28, 2015    

    In this yt-video (and related videos) I see the guy inserting ordinary M4 nuts for the fixation of the roller and corner locks. In your parts table, you list only Nylock M4 nuts. What is the stgate of the art?

    • December 28, 2015    

      All nuts should be nylocks or use threadlocker.

    • December 28, 2015    

      Replying to myself: a) I see that links are purged, that’s fine, now I know it; b) In your own assembly description you show the lock nuts – I’ll go get those tomorrow at my hardware store. Case settled.

  12. December 28, 2015    

    What fill pattern do you use on which slicer? I used slic3r with three shells and honeycomb fill, setting your recommended filling grades. The build times are really long, the corner block took 12 hrs 34 minutes, at 60mm/s, 0.3mm nozzle, 0.2mm layers. The object weighs just one gram more than in your list (PLA). Just gut simplify3d, it seems to optimize some paths.

    • December 28, 2015    

      It’s because you use a small nozzle. I use a .4mm nozzle which allows for .27mm layers with a good overhang tolerance. Grid infill but that doesn’t usually matter much.