I feel this is huge for the MPCNC and any other dual drive machine, on both X and Y axis or just one axis.

I have tweaked Marlin code to duplicate the Z axis dual end stops to work on the X&Y axis as well. Jeffeb3 has helped me get this fully functional and we now have a clean release. I was really hoping to get this integrated with the main Marlin repo, a pull Request has been submitted, https://github.com/MarlinFirmware/Marlin/pull/7648, but it looks like we are in firmware limbo. 1.1 seems to be in sort of a feature freeze as 2.0 is being developed, but 2.0 is actually behind 1.1 in features at the moment. Finger crossed! Just in case I have also prepared a fully functional Marlin 2.0 dual endstop branch as a backup. (It says 785 line of code were changed, and that isn’t even for the full MPCNC branch…that is just the generic Marlin version)

This will make for extremely easy multiple process CNC jobs (flips, tool changes). This will help any machine that drives an axis with two steppers. For boards with only one extra driver slot (rambo mini) or machines with only one dual powered axis this is all that is needed. This also will pull your non square build into Square! We might be able to use some spare pins to wire in another driver but I am not sure how yet, but I will look into it.

How this works is you put each stepper on its own driver and plug in the (X or Y)min and (X or Y)max end stops and put them on both sides where you want it to home. Both steppers move at the same time when one hits an end stop it locks and the other continues to drive until it hits it’s endstop and locks.



The fully functional firmware (might still need some basic MPCNC configs) DualDual_1_1_5

Here are some snap on endstop holders. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1023985